Iwert Haex

Hello, I am Iwert Haex, a 24-year-old game artist living in Landen, Belgium.

My passion for gaming began from an early age, playing on PS1 and gameboy. Being a science fiction fan, growing up with movies like Star Wars and having a soft spot for Anime, triggered my ambition to create.

Interested in working with me:

2D concepts

  • character-design,
  • storyboards,
  • illustration
  • game concept design

I make black and white pencil drawings and sketches on paper or on the Wacom tablet and colour my work in Adobe Photoshop.


  • game mechanics
  • prototyping in the open-source framework LÖVE
  • programming in languages like C/C++, Lua, Python

The game of life

3D environment

  • mesh modelling and sculpting in Blender
  • texture painting with Adobe Photoshop and Blender
  • I have my own 3D printer “Printrbot Simple Metal” to experiment with real 3D objects.

Interested in working with me: